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Brief History of Los Angeles K-9 Services and Danubius Kennels:

Nelli Racsko – trainer, breeder and owner of Los Angeles K-9 Services and Danubius Kennels has been fond of all types of animals from an early age. While just a child, Nelli regularly volunteered to take care of dogs, cats and birds of friends and neighbors. Later, in 1982, Nelli acquired her first German Shepherd from a breeder in Budapest, Hungary. With this young dog, Nelli immediately joined a local canine obedience club. There she quickly demonstrated her feel for animals and her ability to work with them. She advanced at a rapid pace, was soon performing at a competitor’s level and, with her innate knowledge of animal behavior and communication skills, started teaching others what she had learned.

After moving to the United States, Nelli accepted teaching positions with several professional dog businesses and, in 1995, started her own animal behavior business under the name of Canine Communications. A few years later, with her business growing ever larger, Nelli expanded the services that she offered from all breed obedience training to a complete line of training and equipment sales under a new name – Los Angeles K-9 Services.

In 1999, and as a complement to the services offered by Los Angeles K-9 Services, Nelli initiated a kennel for the purpose of promoting the finest in German Shepherd dogs. Danubius Kennels breeds for sound temperament, structure, health, trainability and drive. It also custom imports puppies and fully trained dogs from Europe. Danubius Kennels offers top quality working and show bloodline German Shepherd dogs for those who demand the best.


Above: Nelli and Cairo (2nd team from left) at the 1998 WUSV World Championship representing Hungary.


Above: Team Hungary at the 2008 WUSV World Championships in Cincinatti, USA (Nelli w/Lexi – 3rd team from the right).



– WUSV and the Hungarian Dog Breeders Association (MEOE) Certificate award: Training Instructor – 1987

– Bronze Sportsmedal – Hungary, 1987

– USA Sportsmedal in Gold, achieved only in 2 years – 1995

– 1996 Hungarian Schutzhund Competitor of the Year.


Please visit the “Our German Shepherds” page for detailed information regarding Nelli’s achievements with her dogs she raised, trained and handled in the sport of Schutzhund.

Member of:

– German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA)

– Working Dogs Association (WDA)

– DVG America (Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine)

– German Shepherd Dog Club of Hungary (MNJK )

– Danubius Schutzhund Club

– Pasadena Humane Society (PHS)

Affiliated with:



1983 – Nelli posing with her dog Dick and her client’s dogs Pamacs and Misi.







1984 -Nelli and Dick on the podium as vice champions of the 1984 Budapest Championship.





1985 – Nelli and her first litter of two (Afra and Almos) with their sire G Keszi-Virag Elod K-III, WPO, SchH3.