Los Angeles K-9 Services

Los Angeles K-9 Services offers a wide variety of professional services for all breeds.

Obedience and protection dog training, behavioral problem solving and more.

Through its worldwide network, it also offers for sale carefully selected, fine quality German Shepherd dogs as well as equipment for the most sophisticated dog owner.

Adults  /  Puppies

Working Lines  /  Show Lines

Trained  /  Titled dogs

Family  /  Personal Companion dogs

Service dogs

Adult dogs are available with different levels of obedience and protection training, from companion dog to SchH3/IPO3 titles.

Special trained German Shepherds and Malinois’ are also available on request to law enforcement agencies or qualified private parties.

Obedience Training:
For all breeds & ages. From basic to advanced. Problem solving. Call us at (818) 519-2414 for appointments to evaluate your dog.

About Our Training:
At Los Angeles K-9 Services the foundation of training is compassion and patience for animals combined with over 30 years of individual experience in working with them.

All courses start with an evaluation of your dog’s temperament, personality, learned behavior and enviroment. We believe that understanding your pet will help us to apply the most effective methods of training available. The goal of our programs is not only to teach your dog to meet your needs but to also educate the owner of the proper handling and training.

About Our References:
We encourage you to do thorough research on your future dog trainer to ensure that you receive safe and professional services.
Written references of our many satisfied clients are available. Please call or write us to view letters and pictures.
Because we do not want our clients to be disturbed at home or at work, we only have limited number (but more than just few) of phone numbers as references.

Our Location:
We are located in Southern California in the city of Pasadena, just 15 minutes east from the famous Rose Bowl and 20 minutes north-east of downtown Los Angeles.
Our park like setting private facility on over one acre of land has 10 covered dog runs of different sizes, including a spacious 400 square feet kennel with red wood decking.

Above and below: Our new 1400 sq. feet building of 8 large, welded wire kennels.

 Kennel sizes in feet: 10×15 (2), 8×15 (2), 8×10 (4)


This covered kennel above is situated under mature red woods and it is 20 x 20 feet large.